The Robe Town Airfield Upgrading project is located in Oromia Regional State, at the outskirts of Bale Robe town 4.7km far from the center of the Robe town which is 430Kms from Addis Ababa.

The project have nearly 2.5 km long runway with 150 meter wide graded section, consisting of 45-meter wide pavement and 7.5 meter wide shoulders on both sides and includes a taxiway and an apron. It has also construction of 1.2 km access road, which connects the airport to the town.

The Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, after fully evaluating our Companies Status and previous accomplishments, has given its full consent on the Sub-Contract Works entered between our company, Markan Trading Plc. and Akir Construction Plc. for the Construction of Earthworks and Sub-base works of the project.

The sub-contract works consists of high fill works comprising more than 1.2 million cubic meter of earthwork quantities and more than 200,000.00 cubic meters of Sub-base works.

Currently, the progress of the sub-contract Works is going in accordance to its schedule.