Omo River Bridge and its approach Roads

The Omo River Bridge and its approach road project is located at the south of Addis Ababa in SPNNR at Hana Town about 870Km from Addis Ababa.

The Omo River Bridge consists of two Box girders and six T-Girders having a total 220m span length. The main contract was signed between Akir Construction Plc. and the Ethiopian Roads Authority. However, due to different reasons the main contractor was not able to commence the Works and thus the main contractor proposed to the client to fully sublet the Works to Markan Trading Plc.

Consequently, the Client, Ethiopian Roads Authority, taking into consideration the project’s status and Our Companies, Markan Trading Plc., Past Experience, Financial and Owned Machinery Status, has accepted the proposal and given its consent in respect that Markan Trading Plc. can undertake the 100% of the Works of Omo River Bridge and its approach roads on Sub-Contract basis.

The scope of the Works mainly comprises diversion works of Omo River, the execution of 6 piers, two box girders for two spans and six spans to be executed  using pre-cast Girders and pre-cast slab panels.

Currently, the progress of the Works is going in accordance to its schedule.


Casting Pre cast girders