Kunzila Junction – Horticulture Farm – Zege Town Road Project

Kunzila Junction – Horticulture Farm – Zege Town Road Project is located entirely in Amhara Regional State, in West Gojam Zones Bahir Dar Woreda. The project starts at 1.8 Km away from Dangla Bahir Dar road toward Bahir Dar airport and turns toward North for the first 3.4 KM. The next 6.5km traverses toward west by crossing Infraz River and then turns to north again for 6.7 km. The last 5.4 Km stretches to ward Tana Lake (east) and terminates at Zege Town. This project has a total length of 21.8 Km. The existing road alignment has 7m width with flat terrain and weina dega climate condition.


The road will be constructed using Bahir Dar Master Plan typical sections. The first 10.15 km and last 2 Km will be constructed to 33.5m total width (2x7m carriage way, 2x3.5m parking lane, 2x2m green area, 2x3m walk way and 2.5m Median) with Asphalt concrete surfacing.  There is also 2.8 km stretch that will be constructed to 12 m width (2x3.5 m AC carriage way and 2x2.5m Asphalt paved willer). The remaining 6.85 km will be constructed using rural section typical with wide single surface treatment willer (2x3.5m AC carriage way and 2x2.75m SST willer).