Ras Desta Hospital- Kechene Medhanialem- 8 Kutir Mazoria Asphalt Road Project

Ras Desta Hospital- Kechene Medhanialem- 8 Kutir Mazoria Asphalt Road Project is located lies entirely in Addis Ababa city and starts around Ras Desta Hospital at junction with Arbegnoch Street and traverses to north east direction. The road crosses Gulelie Piazza road and lead to Kechene Medhanialem. The road then traverses from Medhanialem to north direction and ends at junction to Addisu Gebeya road which is known by the name -8 Kutir Mazoria. The project road has Sub Arterial street (SAS) standard with the exception of 200m principal arterial street (PAS) class around Kechene Medhanialem and it has approximate length of 2.5 km.


The road will be constructed to two sections in which the first 1.4 Km and the last 0.9 Km is constructed as Sub Arterial Street of 20m total width (2x6.63m carriage way + parking lane, 2x2.5m walk way and 0.34m carriage way separator with 2 curb stones) and the second 200m section will be constructed with 30m width (2x7m carriage way, 2x3m parking lane, 2x3m walk way and 1m median including curbstones). The surfacing will be 10 cm asphalt concrete for carriageway and parking lane and pre colored concrete tile for the walk way section.